REAL ESTATE APPRAISALS AND EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY                                                        

Our real estate appraisals and expert witness testimony in real estate valuation and related topics have qualified and been accepted in various supreme courts since 1972. This includes bench and jury trials in both Federal and State Courts. The subjects of these proceedings typically are tax certiorari, condemnation,  estate planning, equitable distribution, zoning, zoning appeals and  land use, environmental damage valuation, construction issues, legal and architectural malpractice, title company matters,  bankruptcy and other forms of litigation. Howard Jackson, MAI  was the lead appraisal expert witness in the largest real estate securities fraud case, at the time, called Madison Plaza. 

We cover the New York City metropolitan area and the 26 major markets.

For the convenience of our clients, we can prepare a "preliminary" appraisal followed by a fully documented "trial" appraisal which conforms to  judiciary standards based upon the intended use of the appraisal.

We have also participated as a real estate appraisal expert witness in "mock trials" sponsored by law schools as well as giving real estate litigation type courses for CEU credits sponsored by the appropriate Bar Associations.


We also offer litigation support for any one of these issues can result in an unfavorable result in a case:  a. an inappropriate real estate appraiser ( lack of proper credentials, experience) ,  one who is poorly prepared, or  b. an unprepared attorney.

These services include:

    1. An expert analysis of the valuation or real estate issues at hand.

    2. An analysis of existing appraisals in a case - strengths, weaknesses, critique of adversary's appraisal and qualifications.

    3. Preparation of examination questions and outlines.

    4. Preparation of direct and cross examination questions.

    5. Case and Witness Preparation - can act as consultant to help prepare valuation witness for trial or examination.

We also have a team of architects, engineers, contractors who can assist in a real estate valuation case where the element of construction is a factor.

Library resources:  we keep and have access to a continuous and historical library which includes recent cases affecting real estate valuation or relevant real estate issues. Real estate listings on commercial property are input on a weekly basis into our computer database.


You may contact us in with a no obligation case evaluation. Please email us at ,   with basic information about the property to be appraised - location, intended use, date of appraisals and legal issues.    This is based upon information supplied by you. We will discuss, in theory,  the various, possible scenarios.


You may access a copy of our CV and our historical client list.  Please see the "Appraisal Qualifications and Client List" section of our web site for detailed information.






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