Following is a partial list of publications written by Howard Jackson.  For a free copy please email Howard Jackson at  .The books are available for purchase by clicking the link provided. Please include your email address.  Please note some of the articles are not in electronic format and may from time to time be out of print.

Also listed are a variety of public speaking or continuing education topics that Howard Jackson has spoken about around the United States.



1. The Real Estate Appraiser and The Law ©®™ by Howard Jackson, MAI

2. Key Writings in Real Estate ©®™ by Howard Jackson, MAI

3. Real Estate Values and You ©®™ by Howard Jackson, MAI

ARTICLES (all written by Howard Jackson, MAI)

1. How To Determine If A Property Is Overassessed ©®™

2. The Realities of Rent Control - An Economic Disaster©®™

3. How Tax Rates and Equalization Rates Affect Real Estate Values©®™

4. Rules of Thumb for Investing In Real Estate ©®™

5. The Ten Commandments of Investing in Real Estate©®™

6. What is the Market in Market Value? ©®™

7. The A-B-C’s of Mortgages©®™

8. How Millionaires are Made in Real Estate©®™

9. Internal Rate of Return©®™  - A complete, step by step presentation.

10. How a Property can Have Different Values Simultaneously ©®™

11. Environmentally Impaired Real Estate – From Stigma to Saving the Deal ©®™

12. How to Compare Two Residential Appraisals on the Same Property©®™

13. How to Compare Two Commercial Appraisals on The Same Property©®™

14. Evaluating Real Estate Asset Performance©®™

 15. What Are The Difference Between Microcomputers, Minicomputers and Mainframe Computers ©®™

 16. Howard Jackson's Real Estate Financial Calculator Key Strokes  ©®™

 17. Artificial Intelligence Applications For The Real Estate and Financial Industries©®™

 18. Difficult Real Estate Items to Evaluate©®™

 19. Howard Jackson’s Annual Real Estate Market Forecasts -1987 - 2013 ©®™

 20. What is the Value of Space in Outer Space? ©®™

 21. Artificial Intelligence Concepts  For The Real Estate, Financial and Land Information Services Industries©®™

 22. How Accurate Is Your Commercial Real Estate Appraisal? ©®™


Howard Jackson Teaches Real Estate 

Howard Jackson has taught real estate appraisal, computer applications in real estate, real estate legal courses throughout the United States and abroad.  Please see his CV for more information.

Here is a link to an online real estate appraisal course he has taught:


He has also had articles published or been quoted by periodicals and publications locally and nationally. For example, New York Times, Newsday, American Bar Association, Nassau Bar Association, Forbes, Real Estate Finance Journal, Long Island Realtor, Real Estate Weekly, Real Estate Forum, Crain’s New York Business, Daily News, Realty,  US Real Estate Week, Long Island Business News, Suffolk Bar Association, Queens County Bar Association, New York City Bar Association, National Real Estate Investor.

He has published Howard Jackson's Annual Real Estate Market Forecast ©®™   for the past 27 consecutive years.  This forecast is widely read and subscribed to by banks, financial institutions, Wall Street investment companies, real estate appraisers, real estate brokers, real estate developers, law firms, Federal, State and local governments, international investors,  business, industry and the general public.  Additionally, there will be periodic commentary and analysis on major issues affecting the real estate market, the economy and public policy.

 He has been an advisory board member of Standard and Poor’s Nation REAL ESTATE INDEX. He had also co-published the Environmental Damage Valuation Newsletter©®™. He has also published extensively in the computer field.  Please see below.

He has also been a contributor to the National Real Estate Index sponsored by Standard and Poor's Corporation and published by the Liquidity Fund since 1989. He is a regular contributor to Real Estate Research Reports (RERC).  These reports cover Cap Rates, Pre-tax Yield Rates, Expected Rental Growth, Analysis & Commentary as well as related items.

He also wrote a comprehensive user’s manual for "The Real Estate Appraisal Data Management System ©®™", the comprehensive real estate appraisal computer software program, which he also  wrote.



Computer Writings and Speeches


Howard Jackson's Past Computer Writings ( articles), Seminars, Modules, Speeches - a compilation of titles


Following represents a compilation of titles taken from historical records, speech notes and files over the years since 1978.  Some have subsequently been merged into other writings, publications. Should time, resources allow, systematically, these will be reconstituted, as best as possible, and then placed on the internet.  There is no time schedule set for this at this moment.


Since 1980, he had given seminars, speeches, modules regarding the following computer subjects.


1.      Fundamentals of Computer Science and Programming


2.      General and Advanced Computer Programming Techniques- in BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, SPL, C++, JAVA, MACHINE   LANGUAGE, Hewlett Packard MPE III,


3.      Computer Modeling Applications and Techniques


4.      Futuristic Computer Applications


5.      Artificial Intelligence – Basic To Advanced Concepts and Applications


6.      Hand Held Financial Calculators: Basic and Advanced Techniques and Programs

7.      Basic Math for Real Estate and Computer Applications

8.      Data Linking Technology: From Micros to Mainframes

9.      Data Bases: Structures, Theories and Information Sharing Techniques for Appraisers, Attorneys and Economists

10. Forms Design and Data Capture: Basic and Advanced Concepts and Techniques

11. Remote Data Sensing and Acquisition for real estate, economic, scientific and military applications

12. Word Processing Techniques

13. Computer Sabotage – The Unending Wave of Computer Problems, Diseases, Viruses – What They Are, How to Stop Them, Why you can never be 100% sure they aren't effecting you in some way. Incredible examples will be presented.

14. Data Linking – The Basics to Advanced Concepts and Techniques

15. Artificial Intelligence: Can It Replace The Appraiser, Judge, Lawyer,  Jury. Other possible replacements also discussed.

16. Advanced Real Estate, Business and Scientific Applications

17. How To Write Computer Programs For Applications Such As: Income Approach to Value, Sales Approach to Value, Cost Approach to Value, Tax Certiorari, J-51 Analysis, Lease vs. Buy, Equity Yield, Internal Rate of Return, Graphical Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow, Photography, Remote Data Acquisition. The source codes, data structures and data acquisition from forms will be demonstrated.

18. Voice Recognition

19. Basic and Advance Statistical Applications

20. How To Talk To The Computer.  How To Ask The Computer The Right Questions To Get The Right Answers

21. Artificial Intelligence: Using a Natural Language Front End Processor to Interface With The Computer, Programs, Data To Create A Finished, Re-Useable, Constantly Refined Computer Program To Solve Any Problem You Define.

22. Data Storage Management: From Remote Databases, Database Designing, Access, Security, Dissemination, To Creating The Right Data Base Queries To Generate Timely, Accurate and Relevant Reports

23. Database Management Systems – From Basics to Current, Cutting Edge Technology. What Do The Experts Know?  What Don’t They Know?

24. Computer Forecast in 1980 – What Will Computer Technology and Applications Be in 1990?

25. Computer Forecast in 1990 – What Will Computer Technology and Applications Be in 2000?

26. Computer Forecast in 2000 – What Will Computer Technology and Applications Be in 2010?

27. What is the Value of Property In Outer Space?  A Discussion and Simulation Engaging Computer Technology, Remote Data Sensing and Acquisition, Real Estate Appraisal Techniques, Economic Modeling Interfaces To Forecast The Value of Real Estate In Outer Space.  A Detailed, Open Discussion Will Be Encouraged To Highlight The Extreme, Possible Economic, Social and Military Advantages Will Be Highlighted.











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